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Da gute Pinsel für ein erfolgreiches Make-up unerlässlich sind, hat Zao Make-Up eine breite professionelle Palette entworfen. Die Griffe unserer Pinseln sind aus Bambus und ihre Haare sind eher synthetisch als natürlich, weil wir uns der Bekämpfung von Tiermissbrauch verschrieben haben.
Makeup Brushes ZAO
Makeup Brushes ZAO
Makeup Brushes ZAO
Findet euren Look mit unseren cruelty-free Pinseln für Teint, Augen und Lippen heraus. Sie ermöglichen ein präzises Auftragen des Make-ups und einen hohen Tragekomfort durch ihr sehr weiches Haar.
Wash your brushes gently with cold water, mild soap and rinse well. Then dry them flat on a cloth.

The Kabuki brush 701 is used to apply Mineral Silk Powder. Thanks to its soft bristles, it measures the amount of powder needed accurately. Its round shape favours a circular application and easily reaches every corner of your face.

The Face powder brush 702 is designed to apply and fade Compact Powder and Mineral Cooked Powder. The compact shape of the bristles guarantees a uniform, easy and fast result. The soft bristles allow to fade the textures in a light and precise way for a professional result.

The Blush brush 703 allows precise application of Compact blush and Mineral Cooked Powder. Angled hair adapts perfectly to the curves of your cheekbones to define and shape your face.

The Shading brush 704> has long bristles perfect for applying your Eyeshadow in a precise and covering motion.

The Orbit brush 705 is specially designed to blur Eyeshadow accurately. It is ideal to achieve smoky eyes or “banana” gradients. Small circular movements will allow you to obtain a natural gradient.

The Angled brush 706 highlights the eyelid or the underside of the eye with your Eyeshadow. It also allows you to enhance eyebrows your with an Eyebrow powder or to draw a line of eyeliner cake by first wetting the brush.

The Sponge brush 707 is used to apply, stretch or blend your Eyeshadow. It contains 4 washable refills.

The Lip brush 708 has been specially designed for the precise application of your Lipstick, Lip polish or Lip Gloss.

The Eyebrow brush and comb 709 structures the look through its dual use:
-its brush side disciplines the eyebrows.
-its comb side removes the excess of mascara.

The Blending brush 710 fades and degrades Eyeshadow easily.

The Foundation brush 711 allows easy and controlled application of fluid foundation Soie de teint. It corrects imperfections in a natural way avoiding the “mask” effect.

The Duo eyebrow brush 712 is designed to apply Eyebrow powder. It structures the look thanks to its dual use:
-the Angled brush allows a precise application of the Eyebrow Powder for a very natural result.
-the brush caps the eyebrows and removes excess powder and also separates the eyelashes to remove the excess of mascara.

The Precision Brush 713 allows a more pronounced application of eyeshadow, for a more sustained look, thanks to its dense bristles.

The Duo fiber foundation brush 714 is designed to apply fluid foundation. For a natural result, smooth the material in circular motions.

The Concealer Brush 715 has soft but dense bristles that are ideal for even application and coverage of concealer.

The Fluffy brush 716 is the ideal tool to blur eyeshadow application with ease.

The Lash brush 717 is shorter than bevelled brush, allowing a more precise, fine line along the lashes.
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