The ZAO range of applicators is ideal for fluid, creamy and compact foundations as well as loose powders. Blender, puff, sponge with natural rubber, each applicator will meet your needs and will quickly become an essential in your beauty kit. ZAO applicators allow an even application of your complexion make-up.
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Blender Sponge: the must-have for easy and even application of fluid or creamy complexion products. This multi-functional sponge is used to quickly and easily apply complexion products for a smooth, even and flawless finish. The tip of the blender sponge will get into every little corner of the face: inner corner of the eye, wings of the nose, etc. The base of the sponge will help you apply foundation to areas of your face that are larger like cheekbones, forehead, etc.

Puff: For the application of "powder complexion" products (pressed powder, mineral clay,...). Very practical with pressed powder but also mineral terracotta or even mineral silk, the Zao puff allows an even and light application. Ideal to obtain a natural effect without leaving traces, the puff can also be used to mattify the nose, forehead and chin.

Sponge with natural rubber: For foundation application. Ideal for applying compact foundation or foundation silk, the sponge with natural rubber is the essential accessory in the beauty kit.
Blender sponge: use it wet for a more even application. So start by running it under water and wringing it out, place a dab of product on it and then apply to the face, patting to stretch the material. Cleans easily with soap and water.

Puff:Gently wash your puff with soap and water.

Sponge with natural rubber: Gently wash your sponge with soap and water. Squeeze well between your two hands to draw out the pigments from the powder and rinse.
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