The lips

To keep your smile on your face at any time, Zao Make-Up has developed a full range of 100% natural and certified organic lip care products. It is composed of Lip Balms, Pencils, Lipsticks, Gloss and Lipsticks. Enriched with waxes, butters and organic vegetable oils, Zao lip products moisturize, soften and protect the lips.

Highlight your mouth in three quick and easy steps:

Moisturize your lips with our Zao Make-Up Lip balm for soft lips all day long.

Redraw the outline of your lips with Zao Make-Up Pencils. Their ultra-pigmented formula allows you to make clear, intense and covering lines.

Colour your lips with Lipstick, Lip gloss and Zao Make-Up Lip polish. The diversity of colours and textures of our range offers you the possibility to change your look according to your desires. Matte, soft touch or pearly, bet everything on your lips for a glamourous smile!

Lip gloss & Lip polish


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